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welcome1 Mr. ARVIND U. SINGH was born in 1972, Mumbai, India. He received a Government Degree in CIVIL ENGINEERING from VISVESVARAYA REGIONAL COLLEGE of ENGINEERING (VRCE), Nagpur in 1994, with above First Class percentages. His responsibilities includes overall Management such as Structural Audit, Redevelopment permission form local BMC authorities, detail planning, designing, liasoning and marketing. Our team offers total “Repairs and Restoration / Redevelopment” Multi disciplinary Consultancy Service for Residential &Commercial Building, Society Building, Schools, Hospitals, Banks etc since 1994. Qualified and experienced professional do make a different impact in execution of repairs and redevelopment project i.e. RCC Construction, Plastering, Painting, waterproofing, structural repairs with Polymer Treatment.


Structural Audit by NDT Lab & Detail Survey, Feasibility Report :

External and Internal Inspection of structural members such as columns, beams and slabs of your society building. Examine the defects to various parts of building prepare economize estimate cost with reference to the repairs. Structural Audits, NDT Lab Test and Stability certificate. Feasibility Report for Redevelopment Projects.

Structural Audit done by REBOUND HAMMER TEST METHOD : The hammer is principally a surface hardness tester. The principle is that when a spring loaded shaft strikes a surface, its rebound are developed and measured by the hammer. The operations are very simple. They consist of releasing the plunger from locked position by pressing gently against the hard surface and check for zero setting of rebound number indicator on the graduated scale.

The hammer is then strongly pressed against the prepared spot of the surface plunger and causes the impact. The position of the indicator on the scale is read as “rebound number” and recorded in test data log. These recorded data logs are then corrected for position of the hammer, position of the reinforcement, moisture contents in the elements and carbonation depth. The together with other data would help design of others actions.


Tender Preparation for Repairs & Redevelopment :

Invite tenders on behalf of the Society. Executing the tenders and suggesting the best suitable bidder. Tender Document with detail Technical Specification & Bill of quantity.


Site Execution / Project Management :

Quality Control at site and material checking by recognized laboratory. Verify measurements and certify bill after scrutiny BMC.


Permission from Government Department Architectural & TDR Services :

Planning, Designing, elevation, working drawing, perspective and Municipal approval for Re-construction of existing building & Redevelopment of existing building using TDR FSI. Obtained pending Occupation Certificate of society building, regularization of works beyond approvals of plans, NOC from government authorities. New construction permission i.e. IOD, CC, TDR approval etc. change of user etc.

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  • Head Off :
    Room No. 2683, Building No. 60, Tirupati CHSL Ltd,Ground Floor, Behind Sai Prasad Restaurant, Gandhi Nagar, Bandra East , Mumbai-400051.
  • Mobile : +91 9820993481
  • Phone :  022 - 65210232
  • Phone :  022 - 65345001
  • arvindsingh.consultant@gmail.com
  • www.arvindsinghconsultants.com

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