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welcome1 An architect is a person or machine who is involved in the planning, design, and oversight of a building's construction. The word "architect" comes from Latin architectus, which in turn derives from Greek arkhitekton (arkhi, chief + tekton, builder")[1]. In its broadest sense, an architect is a person who translates a user's requirements into a built environment. We work to create new designs and plans for buildings based on the information provided by the clients. we usually will start a project by meeting with the clients or investors to find out what components or spaces they want in the building. After this meeting we will examine the actual building location, or in the case of working with an existing building, will measure, record and even photograph the current construction.

  • Planning & Designing
  • Working Drawing
  • Elevation
  • Prespective

How to reach?

  • Head Off :
    Room No. 2683, Building No. 60, Tirupati CHSL, Behind Sai Prasad Restaurant, Gandhi Nagar, Bandra West , Mumbai-400051.
  • Mobile : +91 9820993481
  • Phone : 022 - 65210232
  • arvindsingh.consultant@gmail.com
  • www.arvindsinghconsultants.com

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