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Deemed Conveyance

welcome1As Arvind Singh Consultants, we are in a regular practice of doing Deemed Conveyance for the Co-op. Societies in the Western suburb of Mumbai. We help societies in getting various documents from the Government departments related to their plot and premises so that we can compile them and submit to the District Deputy Registrar office for further scrutiny and hearing process.

This entire process takes approximately 6 to 9 months for getting Deemed Conveyance from the Competent Authorities.

Docments Required For Deemed Conveyance

  • The registered Agreement for sale entered into with the promoter/opponent party/Developer
  • 7/12 Extract and Village form No. 6 (Mutation entries)
  • Property card
  • Location Plan
  • City survey plan or survey plan
  • Layout Plot plan approved by the local authority
  • Architect certificate about the entitlement of undivided interest in the entire Layout Plot, common areas and the facilities by each of the entity or the structure constructed or to be constructed on such Layout Plot. (Architect Certificate of the F.S.I. consumption).
  • Latest Title and Search Report for last 30 years from an advocate
  • Non-Agricultural Order
  • Certificate under Urban Land Ceiling Act, 1976
  • Building/ Structure Plan approved by the appropriate authority
  • Commencement Certificate
  • Completion Certificate
  • Occupation Certificate
  • List of Flat Purchasers
  • Proof of payment of Stamp Duty
  • Proof of Registration
  • Development agreement or power of attorney or agreement for sale executed by the landlord with the promoter for development or for transferring the right, title and the interest in the land in favour of the promoter.
  • Any other land or building related documents papers in support of the application.
  • Legal notices send to the Promoter and other interested parties to execute the conveyance deed or declaration as provided under Maharashtra Apartments Act, 1970 in favour of the applicant/s.
  • Draft conveyance deed / Declaration proposed to be executed in favour of the applicant.
  • Index & form VII
  • Authorization Letter
  • Declaration cum Under taking
  • Court Fee Stamping
  • Synopsis of the Property
  • Deemed Conveyance Resolution by the Society
  • Society Registration Certificate
  • Development Plan & Remark
  • Property Assessment bill

How to reach?

  • Head Off :
    Room No. 2683, Building No. 60, Tirupati CHSL, Behind Sai Prasad Restaurant, Gandhi Nagar, Bandra West , Mumbai-400051.
  • Mobile : +91 9820993481
  • Phone : 022 - 65210232
  • arvindsingh.consultant@gmail.com
  • www.arvindsinghconsultants.com

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